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Must-See of the Week: Meet “Lady Pochoir”

This German short movie about a bike courier by day / graffiti sprayer by night was released last week, and ladies, it looks a lot like you’re going to love it! Continue reading »

TLWE: k.d. lang in Vancouver, “The L Word Book”, “Starla” & “Keriette”, and more

This week, k.d. lang reminded us – and two billion viewers from all over the world – why she is one of the best singers out there. Plus, Jennifer Beals’ “The L Word Book” can be ordered now, and one TV couple left while another one is in the making. Continue reading »

Verbotene Liebe Recap: A Suitable Send-off

Carla and Stella set off for the next stage of their journey together – marriage. Continue reading »

TLWE: “The Great de Rossi”, Ellen & Helen, Moms vs. Armani, and more

Portia is on the cover of The Advocate, Ellen has a “royal” fan, Armani makes some American moms nervous, and Cathy and Jill ask for our help. Continue reading »

Verbotene Liebe Recap: A romantic surprise for Stella

Stella is looking forward to continue travelling with Carla and is worried that Carla spends too much time at the office. But then Carla surprises her with a romantic plan… Continue reading »

Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla gets ready to leave her old life behind

Carla realizes that she does not want to stay in Düsseldorf. But before she and Stella can leave again, she has to take care of the Lahnstein Holding – and of Ansgar… Continue reading »

Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla & Stella are back!

Carla and Stella return to Königsbrunn for a surprise visit, not knowing that they are in for a big surprise themselves… Continue reading »

Serial Lesbians: There’s Something About Chocolate

Lesbian romances are blooming on German TV at the moment, and apparently, it is all about chocolate. Continue reading »

Enchanting Women of 2009

A look back on who and what entertained, inspired, moved us, made us laugh or even cry in 2009. Continue reading »

Verbotene Liebe News: The Return of “Starla”

According to new reports, “Carla” Claudia Hiersche will return to “Verbotene Liebe” for her first guest appearance as early as January, and she will not be alone. Continue reading »

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