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Must-See of the Week: Save „Hand aufs Herz“ – The Virtual Flashmob

When German TV channel Sat.1 announced that they cancelled their telenovela „Hand aufs Herz“, the fans decided that they wouldn’t just take that lying down. They started to fight – with emails, letters, oregano, videos, and flashmobs – even a virtual one. Weiterlesen

Verbotene Liebe Special: All About Carla & Stella

After almost a year of kisses, fights and misunderstandings, Carla and Stella are finally together, engaged to get married and ready to travel the world. Time to take a look at the characters, their long and winding path to love, and the actresses who brought the characters to life. Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: „You can’t pray away the gay!“

After last year’s „Callica“ debacle, the producers of Grey’s Anatomy make amends by providing us with a couple and a storyline that is worth watching. Weiterlesen

The Women of „Tatort“

The New York Times recently published an article about the German crime drama Tatort – a very good excuse to take a look at some of the female detectives on the show. Weiterlesen

"Veronica Palmer" and "BOT" are back!

If you can’t make sense of the title of this thread, you probably don’t know the great new U.S. comedy „Better Off Ted“ yet. It’s a so-called workplace comedy about Ted Crisp, played by Jay Harrington („Private Practice“), a decent guy who works for a not-so-decent but rather morally questionable company called Veridian Dynamics. No … Weiterlesen

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I'm not updating this blog anymore.If you want to know whatever happened to "MeL", you should check out this website: Rosalie & Co. I hope to see you there!