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Must-See of the Week: Save „Hand aufs Herz“ – The Virtual Flashmob

When German TV channel Sat.1 announced that they cancelled their telenovela „Hand aufs Herz“, the fans decided that they wouldn’t just take that lying down. They started to fight – with emails, letters, oregano, videos, and flashmobs – even a virtual one. Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: Hand aufs Herz – F**k You!

A TV show about a school choir? Sounds a lot like „Glee“. But German TV show „Hand aufs Herz“ is very different from Glee, and they proved it again this week when the students performed a song that would probably give Mr. Schue (or the US TV censor, for that matter) a heart attack. Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: „The Force“

A mini Darth Vader finds out that The Force really is with him – even if you don’t like Star Wars or car commercials, you’re going to love this one. Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: Filmography 2010

The year 2010 in movies, put together in two great video compilations Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: Holidays Are Coming…

The holiday season has arrived, time to get out the Christmas songs. One of my all-time favourites: Melanie Thornton’s „Wonderful Dreams“ Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: The Rocky Horror GLEE Show

Let’s do the time warp again! Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: Rachel’s Dark Secret

Last week, a video surfaced that revealed who Rachel Maddow really is, and it might shock you – or maybe not… Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: Meet „Lady Pochoir“

This German short movie about a bike courier by day / graffiti sprayer by night was released last week, and ladies, it looks a lot like you’re going to love it! Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: „Grey’s Anatomy“ Season 6 Finale – Callie & Arizona

Ever wanted to watch Callie Torres sing? And not just any song, but a very, very naughty and inapproriate one?? While Arizona was in the room??? If so, here’s your chance. Weiterlesen

Must-See of the Week: Janelle Monáe – „Many Moons“

She can sing, she can dance, and she sure looks good in a tuxedo – time to meet Janelle Monáe. Weiterlesen

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