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Must-See of the Week

Must-See of the Week: Hand aufs Herz – F**k You!

A TV show about a school choir? Sounds a lot like „Glee“. But German TV show „Hand aufs Herz“ is very different from Glee, and they proved it again this week when the students performed a song that would probably give Mr. Schue (or the US TV censor, for that matter) a heart attack.

When the German daily soap opera „Hand aufs Herz“ (HaHe) first started last October, people used to compare it to „Glee“ because it also includes a school choir. But STAG, which is the name of the choir on HaHe, and the show itself couldn’t be more different. On HaHe, there is less singing, and the singing seems less professional than on „Glee“, which doesn’t mean that it’s not good – it’s just different.

This week, the members of STAG and their classmates went on strike and occupied the school to protest against reforms their headmaster has introduced that discriminate against less clever and less rich students. So on this Friday’s episode, in order to get their point across, STAG devoted a very special song to said headmaster.

And if you’re still looking for things that distinguish HaHe from Glee, here’s another one: THIS song would never be shown on US network TV.

(Click on the photo to get to the video.)

Hotte, Jenny, Emma, Luzi and Timo have a very special greeting for their headmaster


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