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Must-See of the Week

Must-See of the Week: „The Force“

A mini Darth Vader finds out that The Force really is with him – even if you don’t like Star Wars or car commercials, you’re going to love this one.

A few weeks ago, it was Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S.

Apart from – you know – the actual match, what people usually talk about the next day are the commercials shown during the broadcast of the event. This year, one of the most talked about commercials was probably this one for (and I write this with some sense of nationality) a German automaker. Enjoy!

And here’s the Making of, which is as cute and hilarious as the final commercial:


Ein Gedanke zu “Must-See of the Week: „The Force“

  1. Hilarious. =)
    Thanks a bunch!

    Verfasst von Rob | 27. Juni 2011, 11:44

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