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Must-See of the Week

Must-See of the Week: Meet „Lady Pochoir“

This German short movie about a bike courier by day / graffiti sprayer by night was released last week, and ladies, it looks a lot like you’re going to love it!


A sexy cocktail, a love letter to a city, feminist art to all – that’s „Lady Pochoir“.

The German short movie, which had its premiere last week in Cologne, tells the story of Yv (Nadine Rennack), a bike courier in Cologne. By night, she becomes Lady Pochoir („Stencil“) and wields stencils and spray paint to decorate the dreary walls of her city. When her tags catch the eye of an art publisher, the straight-laced careerist Lexy (Verena Zimmermann), sparks start to fly. Yv’s life is about to become as big an adventure as her nighttime forays – if only she can stay one step ahead of Sascha (Vanessa Jung), the annoying policewoman who’s taken more interest in her than is strictly needed…

Here’s the trailer:

Want to see more? (Trust me, you DO want to see more!)

Here you go:

Sexy, isn’t it? I for one can’t wait to see the entire movie. Luckily, audiences both in Germany and the U.S. will get that chance soon, as the movie will be shown on the International Queer Film Festival (Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage) in October in Hamburg and the Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival in November.

Oh, and in case you know a little about German soap operas, or at least about „Verbotene Liebe“, and are thinking that some of the faces look familiar to you: Verena Zimmermann is currently playing Nico von Lahnstein on „VL“, and Vanessa Jung used to play Nico’s half-sister Jana Brandner. Yes, it’s a small world, and when it comes to actors and actresses in Cologne, it seems to be even smaller…

To get more information on the movie, the cast and the crew you should check out the movie’s official homepage and/or facebook page.


9 Gedanken zu “Must-See of the Week: Meet „Lady Pochoir“

  1. i have to say verena zimmermann is verry hot.

    Verfasst von chubby | 12. September 2010, 22:26
    • Totally agree with you, she is hot! Also, this is one of the sexiest dance/love scenes I have ever seen.

      Verfasst von MeL | 12. September 2010, 22:56
  2. Wow. This is on my must see list. And I agree – Verena is hot hot hot.

    Verfasst von adsullata | 13. September 2010, 12:34
  3. Very exciting…all three of them in their own way. 😉

    Does anybody know, if this movie will be shown in any other (german) cinemas?
    And if, which citys?

    Verfasst von Dusty | 15. September 2010, 21:09
  4. In case you are in Hamburg in October: According to the program of the International Queer Film Festival that was just released, „Lady Pochoir“ will be shown on Sunday, Oct. 24, 5:30 p.m. at Passage Kino 1. Tickets will be available starting Oct. 2.

    Here’s the link: Lady Pochoir @ LSF

    Verfasst von MeL | 27. September 2010, 21:58
  5. I went to see the movie last weekend at the International Queer Film Festival here in Hamburg and LOVED it. It’s funny, sexy and very entertaining, definitely a Must-See. If you ever get the chance to see it, you absolutely should!

    Verfasst von MeL | 30. Oktober 2010, 19:39
  6. Oh my, the internet is a small world. I read from you about VL on AE, watch VL on youtube where „Lady Pochoir“ gets mentioned („Nico“ & gay obviously sounds like the best combination ever), I google some more about it and where do I land? Here … Seems to be a decent enough movie – too bad, I missed it at LSF (just were there at the opening night) . But now, I’ll snoop around a bit at your site 🙂

    Verfasst von Isabel | 25. November 2010, 22:00
    • Hi Isabel, nice to see you here, too, and thanks for leaving a comment. I agree, sometimes it doesn’t really feel like the world WIDE web. 🙂

      I was actually about to leave a comment on AE about Nico aka Verena Zimmermann in Lady Pochoir because you mentioned that you wished they’d make Nico gay on VL, but now I don’t have to anymore. (And by the way, I totally agree with you on that, too. ;))

      Verfasst von MeL | 26. November 2010, 21:19
  7. I have just recently discovered the existence of this film and it is definitely on my must-see list! However, I can find no evidence that it’s available anywhere in the U.S. The official website isn’t very forthcoming about release dates (that I can see). I can’t even find a list of film festivals by searching online. And saying that it’s available to U.S. audiences because it played at a film festival in Chicago is like saying it’s available to German audiences because it played in Barcelona! ;-))) ARGH! LOL

    Anyway, thanks for the post. The paint running down from the „R“ at the end of the film title made me laugh. 🙂

    Verfasst von utubeere | 18. Februar 2011, 20:02

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