“Mord mit Aussicht”: In Love with Mathilde

On this week’s episode of the German TV show “Mord mit Aussicht”, policewoman Bärbel fell head over heels in love with the charming Mathilde, and was suddenly faced with the question: Am I gay?


Bärbel’s (Meike Droste) life is suddenly turned upside down


“Mord mit Aussicht” (“Murder with a View”) is a German crime/comedy series that’s currently in its second season on German TV network ARD. Its main character is Sophie Haas, a big city police detective who doesn’t always play by the rules. Sophie had hoped to be promoted to head of the homicide division in her hometown of Cologne, but instead, her superiors transfer her to Hengasch, a small village in the German countryside, where she is supposed to run the local police station. Disappointed and frustrated at first, Sophie soon realizes that not everyone in Hengasch is as harmless and boring as it seems, and she and her new colleagues soon have to solve one mysterious case after another.

One of Sophie’s new colleagues is Bärbel, a young and ambitious policewoman. Bärbel has spent her whole life in Hengasch, she knows everyone and everything in the area, and everyone knows her. When Sophie becomes her new boss, Bärbel is skeptical at first, but she soon starts to enjoy that – thanks to Sophie – she finally gets to do some real police work. Unlike her colleague Dietmar, who has been married to his wife Heike for 17 years, and Sophie, who is dating the local vet, Bärbel is still single and hasn’t really been in love before – until she meets Mathilde.

When Bärbel is in the village shop one morning, she’s observing a shop theft – or so she thinks. The suspect is not only innocent, but turns out to be a charming young woman named Mathilde (Alwara Höfels), a carpenter “auf der Walz” (“on the waltz” or journeywoman).



Bärbel and Mathilde hit it off immediately, and when she and Sophie run into Mathilde again later that day while investigating their current case, Bärbel is delighted. Sophie not so much, because for the rest of the day, Bärbel is absent-minded and busy writing text messages instead of taking part in the investigation.


Sophie (Caroline Peters) wants to know what’s going on with Bärbel

When Bärbel and Mathilde later meet, Bärbel is once again swept off her feet by Mathilde’s charm – so much so that she suddenly finds herself making out with her.



5 Gedanken zu ““Mord mit Aussicht”: In Love with Mathilde

  1. Well Meike D is really, really cute ;) perhaps your re-caps of this show will “tide me over” until ‘Carla and Stella’ get back together ;)

    What about the story line? O’ yes, the story line seems interesting too.


    • I agree with you that Meike D. is cute – must be the first name. ;) But I have to admit that I have huge crush on Alwara Höfels ever since I saw her on “Keinohrhasen”.

      I don’t know whether there will be a lot of recaps. There are only a few episodes left in the current season, and it’s not sure yet whether there will be more episodes, although it’s very likely, given the success of the show. But I sure hope that Bärbel finds love in one of the upcoming episodes – preferably with a woman, of course.

  2. Here’s a brief update on this storyline:

    There was one mention of Mathilde in this week’s episode. Bärbel tried to tease Sophie by talking about Sophie’s ex-boyfriend, and Sophie hit back by asking Bärbel about Mathilde. Bärbel didn’t reply, but instead tried to distract Sophie’s attention away from that topic.

    Later, Bärbel was all smiles when she was talking with somebody on the phone, but when Sophie asked her about the phone call, she didn’t reply either. So it might have been Mathilde, or it might not.

    The previews for the next two episodes, which are also the last two episodes of this season, don’t mention any developments in that storyline, so we’ll have to just wait and see. But in the final episode, Bärbel is going to take a trip to Cologne, which is like the LGBT capital of Germany. Could be interesting. I’ll keep you posted.

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